Why Use Our Firm?

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring injury lawyers. North York has dozens, all offering you promises of great service and a high success rate. So why should you choose our law firm over all your other options? Choosing the right firm quickly is essential in making sure you’re paid what you’re owed quickly, and it’s not an easy decision to make. There are many reasons why our firm outshines our competition, but there are a handful that really set us apart. Below you’ll find just a few of the reasons why you should hire us to champion your personal injury case.

We’re Local

Being North York natives has a lot of benefits. We’re more likely to be aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood because we live there too. If you mention a broken pavement on a particular stretch of road we’re more likely to know exactly what you’re talking about than a Toronto firm is. We know the crossroads you frequent and we’re more likely to understand that the street you were taking didn’t have a dedicated bike lane, putting you at greater risk for getting hit by an oncoming car. It also means that we know who to work with in the area. When we hire experts to consult on your case they traditionally charge by the minute, and we don’t want to waste a single dollar of yours trying to explain to a non-local what a local would already know. Being connected to the community means more money for you in the end.

We Work Fast

Time is of the essence in personal injury cases for a lot of reasons. For one, you’re hurt. You need to work on repairing your health and that may not be possible until you have your settlement. For another, the faster you get a firm hired the more likely your case is to settle in your favor. Courts find it suspicious when you hire a personal injury attorney a month after your incident, even if it’s only then that symptoms start to appear. This is why it’s essential that you see a medical professional as soon as possible, and we’ll work just as fast to get your case moving. Living in the same neighborhood as you lets us connect with you more quickly, speak with local medical professionals faster and speeds up the process of communicating with local police if necessary.