The Top Worries Clients Have in Regard to Their Case


Each type of litigation comes with both a general and a unique set of worries attached. Those who have been victims of a dog bit worry about what will happen to the animal involved in the attack. Victims of an automobile accident often worry about their insurance rates. The plaintiffs in both cases worry about the success of their trial and how they’ll overcome their personal injuries. These are just a few specific and general worries had by those who find themselves in need of North York injury law firm’s help. Attorneys are often consoling and reassuring clients who feel a huge sense of worry and stress due to their lawsuit. Here are three of the top worries often heard by attorneys about their case and some information to help set your mind at ease if you feel similarly about your own claim.

They’re Wasting Their Time

One of the biggest concerns litigants have is with the validity of their own case. When you’ve been a victim of something traumatic and are recovering from an injury, added stress only leads to a greater sense of anxiety. Untreated, traumatic anxiety brought on by the stress of becoming a victim and dealing with a trial can affect the reasoning centers of the brain. This leads to a lot of second-guessing and guilt faced by the client. \

Let your attorney handle the legal situation while you focus on getting better and relaxing as much as possible. Most attorneys won’t take on a case if they don’t think that there’s something there. Out law firm will consult with you on your likelihood of winning your case, and also discuss the validity of your lawsuit to put your mind at ease.

Their Privacy Will Be Compromised

Being in a position of telling the truth in front of others and being sworn in can make clients extremely paranoid. Even someone who has nothing to hide can feel the pressure brought on by a judge staring them down. Canada does have attorney-client privilege, meaning you and your attorney can talk as much as you want and they cannot reveal any information that you have given them unless they have your express permission.

A good North York injury lawyer will be realistic with their client and tell them that while they have their best interest and privacy at heart, the opposing attorney does not. Any and all information that may cast their client in a bad light should be given to them, and the client should comply in order to remain as transparent as possible.

The Expenses Will Be Too Much

Worry about finances is a common worry outside of a courtroom, so the added pressure of having to pay for legal fees can make someone’s stress levels go through the roof. A great attorney practice is to offer free consultations and a no-pay guarantee for any lost
trials, much like we do in our own law firm. Legal teams who actually understand the human side of the law know that not everyone who deserves justice can afford it, so discounted rates and pro bono work should be discussed with clients who need help but can’t reasonably afford it.