Work-Related Injuries

Some jobs are riskier than others. If you’re a construction worker you know you’ll be working with heavy machinery in an area where something may fall and hurt you at any time. If you’re a firefighter you know you’ll be running into burning buildings. But regardless of how risky or dangerous your job may be, ultimately your employer is responsible for providing you with safe working conditions. If you’re injured on the job they are ultimately responsible for making sure that you’re properly compensated.

You can easily injure yourself on the job in ways that you could never expect. You might not anticipate suffering an injury at a desk job in a cushy office, but excessive sitting could cause back pain. If you type on a regular basis and your office refuses to assist you when wrist pains crop up you’re at risk for developing carpal tunnel. And no matter where you work there’s always the risk that you could slip and fall on a bit of spilled coffee or trip down a set of stairs. All of these scenarios are the result of an employer contributing to a work environment that directly impacted your health and ability to function at your office, and all of these cases should earn you adequate time off of work to recover as well as compensation for any related medical bills by your employer.

Unfortunately, not every employer operates as ethically as they should. They may try to claim that the way in which you were injured isn’t their fault, that it only occurred because you did something wrong or because you had a pre-existing condition that they didn’t know about. And it’s times like those when you need to call a personal injury lawyer. North York has lots of attorneys that specialize in personal injury, but none of them can beat our experience and dedication to making sure you get every penny you deserve.

Don’t take your employer’s word for it, find out for yourself if your company’s liable for your injuries. See a doctor immediately to document your injuries and take notes about when and how your pain occurs for your doctor to reference. After you have a diagnosis contact us to find out if you have a personal injury case against an employer who refuses to pay you what you’re owed. You’re going through enough as it is, you shouldn’t have to fight to pay for your medical bills too.