Slip and Fall

A slip can happen anywhere at any time. All it takes is one spilled cup of coffee, one door mat that can’t handle rain related foot traffic or a poorly maintained floor to cause a slip and fall accident that can cause you serious injury, even if you don’t realize you’ve been hurt. In most cases the owner of the property your slip happened on is liable for any damages you may be suffering from.

Slip and fall accidents fall under “premises liability” in Ontario. This means that the owner of the house or the store or the business you slipped on is responsible for making sure that the floors are maintained properly and are safe to use. They are responsible for all upkeep and repair of the property and must do things like ensure that any water tracked in on a rainy day is mopped or absorbed by a mat to prevent dangerous puddles from forming near the front door. They’re also responsible for making sure there aren’t any large cracks that you could trip over or get your shoe stuck in. If your slip and fall happened as a result of unsafe floor conditions, you need to contact a North York personal injury law firm like ours.

We have attorneys that are specifically well versed in slip and fall accidents who are ready to help you navigate the potentially confusing waters of the legal system to ensure you’re compensated for your injury. When you have medical bills piling up and aren’t able to go into work to make sure you have the income to pay for them, you need to know that you have an experienced firm on your side.

If you find yourself injured in a slip and fall accident, make sure you avoid making any statements to the owner about whose fault it might be. Get all the information you can about the owners of the business or property, including first and last names and phone numbers as well as the contact information for any witnesses who may be willing to speak on your behalf. If you’re physically able, take photos of the area so the owners don’t have a chance to cover up or repair the issue after to avoid facing the legal consequences of their negligence. Also seek medical help as soon as possible both for the sake of your health and to improve the likelihood that you’ll be compensated in a timely fashion.