How to Stay Safe During a Long Road

long road trip

Trip Road trips can be a great way to bond with your friends or family, an adventure you can share whether it’s across the province or across the entire country. But traveling in your car for long distances also increases your chances of getting into an accident of some kind, making it all the more important that you do everything you can to minimize your risks on the road. While some accidents are unavoidable, by following these tips you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood that your adventure will turn into a nightmare.

Pay Attention to Road Conditions
When you’re planning out your route you need to take every stop along the line into consideration. Being able to navigate the roads of North York is different from being able to handle the conditions in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. So before you set out make notes about the kind of terrain you’ll be driving through as well as the weather conditions along the way. This will help you plan for whether or not you’ll need tires replaced or if you want to double check your fog lights before you hit the road.

Switch Out the Drivers
While road trips are a lot of fun, they can also be a lot of strain on your brain and body. Staring at the road for prolonged periods of time puts a strain on your eyes, taxing your brain and making it more difficult for you to stay awake the longer you drive. It’s a good idea to bring someone else along who can switch out with you every few hours. Splitting the driving between two people gives you both a chance to take a break and rest up so you always have a pair of fresh eyes on the road.

Sign Up with an Auto Club
Just in case something happens along the way, it’s worth the monthly fee to sign up with an auto club like CAA. If you hit a rock and blow out your tire or swerve on a patch of ice and hit a tree, a service like CAA is able to come out and provide you with direct roadside assistance. Even if nothing ends up happening it’s nice to have a little additional peace of mind so you don’t have to stress out about getting stranded in the middle of some unfamiliar woods because your check engine light switched on.

Get Your Car Checked Out
Before you hit the road, take your car in for your mechanic and let them know you’re about to go on a long trip. There are all kinds of things they can check that they may not ordinarily have looked at, including tires, fluids and windshield wipers. Knowing what kind of terrain you’ll be traveling over is important too since this may have an impact on the kinds of preparations your car needs before it’s road ready. Getting a green light from your mechanic doesn’t eliminate the possibility that something in your car might break on the road, but it definitely minimizes your risk.